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WELCOME AND THANK YOU ALL FOR VISITING NINO'S ITALIAN BAKERY WEB SITE! At Nino's Italian Bakery, you will find the most tasteful, high quality pastries, cookies, cakes, and breads anywhere. When ordering from Nino's, you will always have the satisfaction of knowing that you are getting the best product, using the freshest ingredients, for the best price.

ALL CAKES MUST BE PREORDERED AT LEAST 24 HOURS IN ADVANCE!!! We can ship UP TO TWO POUNDS OF COOKIES FOR THE SHIPPING RATE OF $13.45, which includes all shipping, handling and packaging. Over two pounds will be shipped according to the weight of the order, and you will be contacted with that information. PayPal will ask for your credit card information at the end of your order placement....we accept MasterCard and Visa only at this time! Unfortunately, WE CAN NOT SHIP BREAD, PASTRIES, PIES, CAKES OR CANNOLI'S AT THIS TIME! Please contact the store (315-422-8892) for more details. Thank you!

Nino's Italian Bakery provides elegant, tasteful cookies that are of the highest quality with only the freshest ingredients. Our cookies are sold either boxed or on beautiful trays. The cost per box is $11.00 per pound OR $13.00 per pound on a tray, which includes beautiful cellophane wrapping with coordinating ribbons. (Almond Paste cookies are $13.00 per pound boxed or $15.00 per pound on a tray)

Despite our best efforts to pack & ship our delicious cookies so they arrive in perfect condition, unfortunately due to their delicate nature there is a possibility for our cookies to break in transit. Nino's Bakery does not assume responsibility for broken product.

Also, please visit us on Facebook at Nino's Italian Bakery of Syracuse for current images and ideas. Thank you so much for visiting our web site.

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Located in Syracuse, New York

Please call the bakery directly to ask about our much loved selection of pies, pastries, cookies and breads available to order. Why do ALL the work yourself when we are right here to do it for you!